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ZMANA was founded on the Island of Oahu by business owners from the Construction and Cyber Security industries. Our goal at ZMANA is to create a security solution for residents and small businesses when it comes to protecting their investments, property, and the safety of their loved ones. ZMANA is here to provide a personalized and secure solution to your unique security needs.

Our daily motto at ZMANA is to listen and act with Aloha while working to provide the customized care that ensures our customers receive the best service possible.

At ZMANA we do not use complicated pricing structures or have a lot of overhead that keeps us from providing world class service. We are from Hawaii and live Aloha. We talk story, listen and respect all those we come in contact with. When you install a ZMANA security system, you are part of our Ohana. We are here to ensure that your Smart Solution system is optimally functioning at 100%, and that you and the people you care about have peace of mind.

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