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To elevate and empower Hawaii founders and business owners at all stages of growth by fostering a culture of innovation and inclusion within Hawaii’s entrepreneurial community. XLR8HI is a community movement that brings together people, ideas, and opportunities to drive entrepreneurship and innovation forward for a more thriving and abundant Hawaii.

We firmly believe that entrepreneurial skill sets coupled with an innovative mindset and anchored in ALOHA are needed to answer the question, “How might we do business so Hawaii and its people are abundant, even long after we are gone?” We need you, we need everyone for our home to thrive. This work cannot be done by one individual or entity alone. Our team has been steadfast in our dedication to elevating Hawaii’s startup and small business community, and we believe the best way to achieve long-term transformation is by connecting and collaborating with others. This is why we desire to journey together with you.

Over the years, XLR8HI has helped Hawaii residents gain the skills and connections they need to achieve business success in a fun and inclusive environment. Our interactive workshops and programs are designed to accelerate your entrepreneurial mindset, while our community events connect you with fellow entrepreneurs and bring you thought-provoking insights from a lineup of innovation and business experts.

Our team has over a decade of experience working with and investing in Hawaii’s entrepreneurs, startups, and small businesses. We’ve created novel investment mechanisms to fund their growth and invest 100% local dollars into local businesses and entrepreneurs. Our past work has been recognized nationally multiple times by the SBA, EDA, and even featured in Forbes.

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