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Founded: January 1, 2021 Website: UXHI.community


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UXHI is a new community created for people in Hawaii and those with Hawaii ties interested in user experience (UX), user interface (UI) design, UX research, and everything in between. We’re geared toward building relationships, community learning, and career development.

From the UX curious to seasoned pros, join our free UXHI community to connect and learn with new UX friends, expand your professional network, and stay updated on the latest UXHI events.

Meet New UX Friends

Connect with other UX’ers with Hawaii ties through virtual meetups and workshops, then continue the convo in our UXHI Slack channel.

Learn With Others

Access a community with different experience levels who can serve as a resource for technical questions and professional connections.

Build Your UX Skills

Whether you’re a student, a career transitioner or just UX curious, add UX to your skillset with our speaker sessions and online resources.

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