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Hi, I’m Rick and here at Shaka Shoots, we love photography. We believe photos are the purest form of storytelling. We want to help you tell your stories. Our mission is simple: enabling everyone to book a great photographer affordably and in the easiest way possible.

Have you ever tried to book a photographer before? If you have, you might remember the marketplace being inconsistent, crowded, and confusing. I knew there had to be a better way so I set out to come up with a way that I could help professional photographers fill gaps in their schedules and provide beautiful affordable photoshoots to everyone. Win-Win.

At Shaka Shoots, we believe real people deserve great photography. We find you professional local photographers between their big shoots so that you can have unforgettable parties, impressive headshots, and spectacular weddings.

Shaka Shoots – Spend Less. Smile More.

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