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What sets HI Tech Hui apart from other IT Support and Managed Services companies in Hawaii is our 5 Foundations. This is the approach we take when protecting our clients that are on our managed IT services plan. HI Tech Hui’s unique IT support framework was developed through countless hours of testing and researching, providing Honolulu businesses with quality services and peace of mind.

We have selected the best in the market antivirus product to help protect our customers. We know this because we have tested and tested all products on the market.

If you have data or a server in your office, you need a firewall. A firewall is a fundamental tool providing added protection to your network.

Unlike other managed services companies in Honolulu, HI Tech Hui constantly reviews logs and rules to your firewall to ensure that your company is truly protected.

Patch Management
Regular and up to date patch management can help protect companies against new and threatening vulnerabilities. Many large breaches that we read about in the news occurred because computers did not have the most up to date patches.

Companies in Honolulu are not exempt to breaches. We at HI Tech Hui ensure that we’re patching computers under our management on a regular basis. We take a very proactive approach to protecting our customers data to make it harder for hackers to take advantage of known system vulnerabilities.

The most common reason why breaches occur unfortunately is because of user error. Hackers are getting more intelligent with their phishing attempts fooling even the smartest employees.

In addition, hackers have access to a large database of breached passwords and email accounts. Studies show that people reuse passwords or variations of passwords making it easy for any hacker to easily break in to your systems if they already hold the keys.

HI Tech Hui provides customized training to help your employees understand the common tricks hackers are using to get into systems.

There’s no such thing as being 100% secure. It’s not about if you’ll get hacked or breached, it’s about WHEN it’ll happen. We at HI Tech Hui know and understand that hackers can and will do whatever they can to get in your network. For this reason HI Tech Hui provides backup solutions also called disaster and recovery solutions, in order to easily recover from what could potentially be a tragic event of data loss and downtime.

In addition to backing up your data, HI Tech Hui also provides backup solutions for your Google Mail and Office 365. Just because your email is on the cloud does not mean that it’s backed up. This is a common misconception. Hackers can now break into your email and encrypt all of your email until you pay a large ransom.

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1050 Queen St. #100 Honolulu Hawaii 96814 United States

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