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Hawai’i Women in Tech is a safe, supportive, and judgement-free space for women who have—or are pursuing—careers in tech!

What can I expect from a meeting?

  • Currently we are meeting virtually once a month. Our meetings usually have a central topic—posted ahead of time—that will be the focus (anything from professional development to skill shares), but we also spend time catching up on each other’s careers and giving space for any ad hoc topics anyone wants to discuss or get advice about.

What if I’m not a programmer? Am I “tech enough” to join?

  • If you work in tech, or are interested in pursuing a career in tech, you are welcome! Membership is about supporting each other, not about job titles.

Why does this group focus on women?

  • Half of all women with careers in tech leave by the age of 35. A 2020 report by Girls Who Code and Accenture found that the number one cause for the drop-off was culture: less-inclusive workplace cultures have a profound impact on women, and in particular on women of color and LGBTQ+ women.
  • The goal of Hawai’i Women in Tech is to provide a space for women to talk about our experiences; provide support and mentorship to each other; teach, learn, and grow; and to feel part of a community. Our hope is that our members will feel empowered from their experience in our group to flourish in their careers and help build more inclusive environments for all.

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